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Top 10 Reasons why I love paragliding

December 11, 2009
My paragliding instructor asked me to come up with one or two sentences about why I took up the sport, that she could send off to the USHPA magazine as part of "what new pilots are saying about the sport" type of article.  I rattled off not just one sentence, but many.  So, it turned into a Top 10 Reasons to Love Paragliding.  Here they are:

#1.  As a guy who spends most of his time either sitting behind his computer or sitting on a commercial plane, paragliding offers an experience of complete freedom and pure joy that was lacking in my "gravity bound" life.  If you have ever stood on a mountain, gazing out into a cobalt sky and dreamt of flying off into it — paragliding is a way to make that dream a reality.

 #2.  I get more LIFE out of 1 minute of flight time than I do all the other minutes of the week added together.  It’s like being Clark Kent during the week, and Superman on the weekends — only my cape is so big I have to carry it in a backpack (and yes, it’s red).

#3.  Gravity is more than force of nature — it is a test of courage and imagination.  Paragliding is a beautiful answer.

#4.  I have always had reoccurring dreams of flying, and the experience of paragliding is almost identical to the sensation of flight I have in those dreams.   

#5.  Have you ever been stuck in traffic, and looked with envy at the freedom of the birds in the sky?  Paragliding is the way to be the bird. 

#6.  I have always loved hiking in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado.  In fact, the only thing I love MORE is flying off them.

#7.  It’s like LIVING the Pink Floyd song "Learning to Fly." 

#8.  Planes are loud, bumpy, and have a terrible carbon footprint.  The paraglider is a more elegant form of flight — utterly peaceful, and totally green.

#9.  Paragliding is the least costly form of aviation; you can get all the lessons and gear you need for about the same amount of $$$ you’d spend on a weeklong vacation in Europe 

#10.  The desire to fly is innate for most people — almost everyone has had a dream of flying.  Quit dreaming it and start LIVING it – go paragliding.

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